Use production indicators to target quick wins in quality

Implement regular data routines to improve quality control

Train the best class methodology to implement the clinical approach

Define and implement the first project to click on critical products.

So the goal is to optimize
the quality of your data.

A decrease in non-quality costs values
these costs to define priorities for improvement action.

Your needs

To maintain a satisfactory product quality at the lowest possible cost.

This offer allows you to reduce your non-quality costs through data analysis.

Reduce the cost of scrap, rework and adjustments.

An aid that helps improve your steering and management.

The objective is to optimize the quality of your data

Reduce input costs through random assembly, uninterrupted production and better use of labor and facilities.

Your goals


Increase the added value of the work. Improve the flow


A platform that brings together data integration and governance to deliver trusted data at your fingertips.

Soft integration

Data integration. Data integrity and governance


Search for perfection with statistical/analytical tools Designed for cloud, multi-cloud environments

Action follow-up

Automate the review of your item master settings for optimal tracking.

Quick wins

Improve service levels by reducing variability in supplies and stocks. Review stocks and in particular safety stocks.

Our solution

Our products

Offer description


 Our tool analyzes and determines the root causes of your problems. Thus it ensures that changes are made quickly once the cause is detected. This will give you in-depth knowledge and therefore a gain in competence.

Implementing a clinical approach allows you to answer the question of where the defects come from? Reducing variation is important because it allows performance to always meet customer requirements. So to minimize defects, waste and errors, variation must be controlled.

Bad data puts all decisions at risk. Even a small amount of bad data threatens your business. Try Data Quality Clinic TM that instantly assesses the quality of your data.


A first inventory which is perfectly suited to companies wishing to optimize their sales forecasts. Establishment of the inventory summary.


An ideal diagnostic phase for companies seeking to optimize forecasts, safety stocks, and replenishment points. Data analysis based on the economic quantity model. Classification according to financial criteria to prioritize updates

Avanced program

This is the advanced phase of the solution for companies looking to optimize a multi-local supply chain holistically. On-the-job training with the supply team on procurement models. Remote support for Part Number testing.

Our References

We provide daily tools that will help production and supply chain teams. We are specialized in daily and weekly routines.
Our tools are packages for shopfloor teams and also technical and quality team.
We use ERP data to automate follow-up files.
First step is to establish a diagnostic on your industrial performance.
Then establish guidelines for daily and weekly routines optimization.
ERP Data is crunched to established first quick win actions.